The 7th Forum on the Science and Technology of Silicon Materials 2014, Hamamatsu

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The 7th Forum on Science and Technology of Silicon Materials 2014, Hamamatsu


The fundamental policy of the forum is: (1) the promotion of the mutual cooperation between the people in the industry and the academia, (2) the education and stimulation of young scientists and engineers, and (3) the realization of face-to-face discussion on various issues concerning silicon materials at an international level. The forum has been playing an important role to transfer the fundamental knowledge to the new generations in the field of the science and technology of silicon materials. The scope of the Hamamatsu forum will be further extended from the original topics, i.e., growth technologies of bulk silicon, characterization and control of defects and impurities, gettering and wafer technologies, to the topics on high-power devices, photonics, and photovoltaic materials.



2014/12/16 Forum photos: click here

2014/09/30 Deadline of registration and reservation for accommodation: October 8th
2014/09/30 Additional information for poster presentation updated.
2014/09/30 Program of Poster Session updated.

2014/09/10 Presentation Guidelines updated.

2014/08/25 The deadline for poster presentation and proceedings has been postponed to September 16th.
2014/08/25※Not acceptable after the date of deadline.

2014/08/25 Deadline of registration :                                   October 1st
2014/08/25 Deadline of reservation for accommodation : October 1st
2014/08/25 Deadline of payment :                                        October 8th

2014/08/01 Details of Excursion <Mt.Fuji/Shin-Fuji/Departure> was desided

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Topics Nr. subjects
T1 Diffusion & Defects in Si materials
T2 Defects & Impurities
T3 Power devices and related materials
T4 Si Crystal Growth
T5 Si Wafer and Devices
T6 Evaluation techniques
T7 Photonics
T8 Recent topics from Hamamatsu


Solar cells / crystal growth


Si technology for future
Organaizing Committee of the 7th Forum on the Science and Technology of Silicon Materials 2014 (Hamamatsu)