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--- Inverse Image Mosaicing

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Welcome to our lab.

Welcome to CGI Laboratory at Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology.
We focus on VFX techniques such as clean plate generation and MicroPoint rendering.


2012.8.21 "MagicPoint - MicroPoint Renderer" is ready.
2011.6.6 obj2SceneJS - a converter program from wavefront .obj to SceneJS: English pages is available. Please check here.

Old works

(no image) Yui Aragaki "Piece" PV by Studio Ghibli.
# I worked for this PV as a CG programmer.
# You will find more info on Mr. Takakuwa's profile (PDF)
Inverse Lighting
Realtime water color renderer [QuickTime]
Particle mapping - an oil painting animation without shower door effect. [QuickTime]
FlyHigh3 by Koji Saito, Ryota Oriyama, Ippei Ogura
PG Award, Creators Garage'97 by Sony Communication Network.
[Play Game]
On 2001-2005, I worked for Microsoft Game Studio Asia.
GPU specialist, MMO server engineer, etc.