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Mössbaauer Microscope

Introduction to Mössbaauer Spectroscopy: (under construction!)

  • History including ICAMEunique features.
  • What is the Mossbauer effect ?
  • How to start Mössbaauer Spectroscopy?: instrumentations in laboratory.
  • Lattice dynamics and diffusion processes
  • Mean square displacement: resonance area, Debye-Waller factor
  • Mean square velocity: second order Doppler shift
  • Diffusion line broadening.
  • Hyperfine interactions
  • Monopole interaction: Isomer shift.
  • Quadrupole interaction: qadrupole splitting.
  • Magnetic interaction: magnetic splitting.
  • Mixed interactions.
  • Theoretical calculation for hyperfine interaction parameters.
  • Typical applications of Mossbauer Spectroscopy for materials science.
  • Group LINKS