Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) was established on April 4, 1991 in Fukuroi city in Shizuoka prefecture, which is located in central Honshu.

The university has an enrolment of approximately 1500 students in two faculties: the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Informatics. Brief summaries of course streams offered by each department are listed below.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Degree:Bachelor of Engineering)

●Transportation equipment
●Comprehensive Four dynamics/Industrial engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Degree:Bachelor of Engineering)

●Electric power・Energy
●Electron・Optical application

Department of Materials and Life Science (Degree:Bachelor of Science)

●Organic・High polymer chemistry
●Food science
●Inorganic・Atmospheric Chemistry
●New material・Basic science

Department of Architecture (Degree:Bachelor of Engineering)

●Architectural planning・Design
●Building environment・Equipment
●Building structure
●Building materials・Construction

Department of Civil Engineering (started in April 2022)

●Ground engineering
●Civil engineering materials
●Urban environmental studies
●Civil engineering structure
●Hydraulic engineering

Faculty of Informatics

Department of Computer Science (Degree:Bachelor of Informatics)

●Mathematical science
●Major in Data Science

Department of Information Design (Degree:Bachelor of Informatics)

●Digital art・Media design
●Management・Social system

Graduate School (Master's Program)

There are two fields of study in SIST's graduate school.

Department of System Engineering
(Degree : Master of Science and Engineering or Master of Engineering and Management)

In the Department of System Engineering, students study about technology relating to mechanical engineering such as frequency, fluids and energy. In the electronics field, students learn about the application, evaluation and system design of electronic technology. In the information science field, students are taught how to improve high tech software that adapts to various computer architectures, how to improve the intelligence level of computers, and in the system control field, other fields are integrated and applied.

Department of Material Science
(Degree : Master of Science and Engineering or Master of Engineering and Management)

The Department of Material Science deals with solid-state physics and materials chemistry and their relationship to basic physics of magnetism, dielectrics and superfluidity, superconductivity and semiconductors, ceramics, high polymers, functional proteins and various materials. In the electronics materials field, the aim is to develop applications of studied principles as they pertain to certain devices, particularly electronic devices.

As SIST is located within the industrial and technological heartland of Japan, many of our students are employed by leading firms.
The university has reciprocal relationships with Daegu University in South Korea and Zhejiang Gongshang University in China. Every year the university accepts their students as well as sending its students there.

" Shizuoka Prefecture's only private science and engineering university challenge"

"Continuing to change"

The university was opened in 1991 with the philosophy of "contributing to the local community by training engineers." The Department of Architecture was established and the Faculty of Informatics was reorganized in 2017, and the Department of Data Science was started in 2020. In 2021, the 30th anniversary of the opening of the school will be celebrated. In addition, Department of Civil Engineering was started in April 2022, we will review the educational content to meet the needs of society as they continue to change in the future. As the only private science and engineering university in Shizuoka prefecture, we will continue to change without fear of change.

"Research nurtures people"

It takes a lot of mistakes and repeated trial and error to get to the truth. This process requires logical thinking and patience to bring ideas closer to realization, and through this experience is developed the power needed to solve real-world issues. Valuable experience centered on such research fosters "human power" that is truly useful in the real world, creates engineers with specialized skills and human power, and produces human resources who are active in society.

Expand "research capabilities" to local communities and establish joint development bases!

The university is accelerating efforts in collaboration with local industries aiming to expand the efforts of SDGs , embody new ideas for connecting to the next generation, and create new businesses toward the realization of a carbon-free society. In collaboration with the regional
Fukuroi City, commercial and industrial organizations, financial institutions, etc., we have opened the "Fukuroi Industrial Innovation Center" on our campus to actively support the growth of competitive SMEs. In addition, in Fujieda City, we have established the joint development base "Shizuoka Science and Technology University Fujieda Innovation Commons" that promotes ongoing education (human resources development business) for
working adults through industrial promotion projects and recurrent education. ..
At these co-creation bases, we will develop the "research capabilities" of our university, which is the only private science and engineering university in Shizuoka prefecture, and actively promote efforts to contribute to the local community.

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

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